Friday, 8 August 2014

Posted by Muhammad Adam bin Roslan |
The incident that happened in Palestine can’t be accepted many people around the world. The Zionist attacked the innocent people who among them were women and children. That issue is not only related to religion which is Islam only, but it is also about humanity. When the news about Muslim in Palestine was spread through the world, then there were many from various nations, races and religions respond to the news by demonstrating and boycotting the product which support the Zionist. Those actions are the symbol of their expression which against the Zionist who had been cruel to the Muslim in Palestine.

In this article, the writer want us to focus one of the action taken by part of the people to support the Muslim in Palestine namely boycott. Boycotting defined as the action not to buy any product as intend to bring down the other party which get the profit from the sales of the products. In this case, we were boycotting the products which support the fund for the Zionist to attack Muslims in Palestine. Instead of attacking Zionist physically, we can play our role to bring down their economy.

However, what is our next step after been success to boycott Zionist related products? The answer for that question is we need to mobilize our effort to make our country to move forward in economy and become independent, which can create its own new technologies not only to benefit for Malaysians, but also be shared by the other countries. Our country need to be the producer, not only consumer.

To make the vision become reality, first, we need to promote our Muslim product to all people in Malaysia as the alternatives for them after boycotting certain products. For example, if we boycott McDonald, then what products can be switched for our Malaysia? In Malaysia, we have franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Radix Fried Chicken (RFC) and Ramly which are can become choices for Malaysians.

Second, we need to help our youngsters to build their creativity to produce new things which can benefit to our country and its people, then help to boost our economy by exporting the products to other countries. We need to change the mind set of our people from only be consumer to be producer. Besides that, we need to enrich them with good values which can help them to govern our economics better in the future. We don’t want wastage of resources, bribes and corruption continuously happened in our country as it can hurt our economy.

Third, our students in universities and colleges need to be exposed with the new experience by observing the progression of other countries to get the new ideas so that those ideas can be proposed for economic development. Besides that, critical discussions among the students’ need to be held frequently to solve the economic problems happened in our country. ‘Government knows best’ is over. Governors need to include the youngsters in developing our beloved country by letting them to have critical discussion and get some ideas from them.

Hopefully these tips can help us and our country to appear as new economic leaders in 10 years from now.