Saturday, 17 January 2015

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Good evening to all reader and thank you for coming to hear my speech. My name is Muhammad Adam and I want to say that I am feeling very thankful for having a God in my life. There are some people today claiming that the existence of God is only wanting to control their life. They neglect the existence of God because they want to get the absolute freedom in this world. Besides that, some people do not believe at all the existence of God because they don’t get the proof to show that the God does exist. For them, anything that can’t be sensed by them, they will reject it. I will deliver to you a speech entitled ‘Why Does God Exist?’ because I want to try to give my best answer and also share the reasons why I’m happy to have a God in my life.

The first reason is the existence of God had taught me to be humble in my life because God has no weakness compared to me who has a lot of weakness. God has the power to create human being and at the same time he can take away human life while the human don't have the power to create the living creatures even to create a small insect such as fly and we also cannot rise up the dead human even with the vast development of modern technology and sciences nowadays. We need to reflect ourselves by looking back what had happened in the history such as the tsunami which had happened at in Japan. We knew that Japan is a country that produce a lot of sophisticated technology but still cannot find the solutions to face this natural catastrophe that had destroyed a lot of houses and kill a lot of people. So, do we still think we are too powerful in this world? 
Secondly, God existence had shaped my life by having an absolute purpose which is to serve Him. I do believe that God created me not for fun, but my life in this world is to do what God ask me to do and avoid His prohibitions. It will avoid me to do something that is useless and has no benefits for my future and also avoid me to do something which can harm other people. I believe the people who do not know their purpose to live in this world will get into trouble. It will lead them to do something that can fulfill their self-interest which can harm other creatures and environment. The natural disasters, the political problem and economy crisis which are happening today are because of human who are greedy and do not have clear mission in their life.

Third, God had helped me to get the real happiness in my life because only God has power to put the calmness in my heart. The existence of God also is a source of my power to stay calm to face the challenges in this world because I do believe that only God can help me and guide me to solve the problems in my life. The people who ignore the existence of God in their life will feel the emptiness even they are keeping themselves busy in doing their daily activities and works. They will feel the emptiness in their hearts even if they had got a lot of successful remarks in this world. I had met a lot of people who are rich, but still don’t happy with their lives. I had met a lot of people who were holding high position in the government and companies, but still feeling the emptiness in their hearts. Besides that, there are also many people who committed suicide because they were having too much stress and they couldn't face the problem because they don’t feel there is a place which they can pray and ask for help which is God.
As my conclusion, God existence is very important for me and I need to be thankful because I have God to watch me every day, every time and at every place. We need to ask God to guide us to ensure we will not do the bad things in this world. I hope my answer can satisfy all of you to justify why God does exist in this world.

Brother Adam


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