Sunday, 19 April 2015

Posted by Muhammad Adam bin Roslan |
To be a great intellect person, there are four skills needed to be acquired which are thinking skills, writing skills, reading skills and communication skills. If a person can acquire all the skills together, the person has achieved Intellectual Integration.

Thinking skill

Thinking skill is needed to perceive a problem deeply and produce a solution which is really suit with the problem. Analysis need to be done based on information we get through observation, reading or other methods. Although a person is knowledgeable and intelligent, it does not always mean he or she can solve a problem accurately. The person also must know the reality by observing the real situation. 

Besides that, a lot of people nowadays do not have critical thinking skills. Many of them have tendency to support their party or their group to win rather than to solve the problem. Bias thinking cannot solve the problem, but can add more problems because bias view may only be accepted by certain group of people only, but not for majority of people.

Reading Skill

To widen our knowledge, reading is one of the method. Reading is very important in order to bring back the Muslim Civilisation to become a great civilization. The past scholars had written a lot of books and article that can give benefits to all people. We as new generation should be thankful and take this opportunity to read and understand what had been written.

By reading a lot of different books written by different writers can enhance our critical thinking because it increases our radius of openness and the knowledge can be used to make an analysis to solve certain issues. Besides that, we as Muslims must also read non-Muslims book to have a dynamic view in any particular field.

Writing skill 

Writing skill also plays a vital role in developing intellectual integration. Writing is a way to interpret what we think and what we have read. It also test our understanding on what we have learned before. If the writing is good, it means we have good knowledge. Besides that, by writing also we can spread the knowledge to other people.

Communication skill

We must be brave to uphold the truth. To make other people believe on what we believe or our view, we must convince them confidently. So, communication skill is really important to influence people to follow what we believe. There are many examples of leaders that we can choose to get the ideas and learn on how to acquire good communication skills. We need to be trained and be exposed with public speaking activities to enhance our confidence level.

So, these are the skills needed to be polished by youngsters to achieve intellectual integration.

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