Sunday, 3 July 2016

Posted by Muhammad Adam bin Roslan |
I still remember in a decade ago, many people from Indonesia had entered the market in Kuala Lumpur by running their small business in the city. On that time, if you walk around the city, you can find many of them sell food and beverages to the community. Until now there are still many of them are existing in the market. However, now there is a new entrant in the market which is the Kelantanese. Their existence has made the market become more competitive.

            Many of them, like Indonesians, have opened their own restaurant until the Kelantan food has become well-known among the people in the city such as ‘Nasi Kerabu’, ‘Colek’ and others. Not only food, some of them also sell other things such as cosmetic products and clothes. Some of them have also been in various places by working with various companies in the city. I have many friends from Kelantan and one of my friend inform me that many Kelantanese have become rich and live outside Kelantan. When it comes to Hari Raya, the place like Kota Bharu will be crowded with Kelantanese from various places and you can see the rich people are everywhere in Kelantan.

This phenomenon has made me wondering on what is the secret recipe to produce so many successful people in Kelantan? What is the factors that have encouraged them to take the risk by travelling from their home to among the busiest city in the world to run their business and have made them successful in various places? Do the state government has cultivated the spirit of doing the business into the people? Do the cultivation process has been made through education?

I have conversations with some of my friends including those who are studying in business field and suggest them to make a study about this topic because I believe they are better than me in that field. On the other hand, I have also suggested an interesting title which was ‘What America Can Learn from Kelantan?’. This is the right time for us to show the power of Kelantan even Kelantan is only a small state compared to America which is a big and powerful country currently. I believe America need to learn the good values from Kelantan so we can change the world to become better. The reason is America is perceived by many people around the world as a country who has caused chaos in this world. Last but not least, I hope this idea can give benefit to the people around the world so we can change this world to become a better place to live.

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