Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Posted by Muhammad Adam bin Roslan |
The purpose of this short article is not to help the school leavers to evaluate which course is the best for them. Nevertheless, the main intention is to explain the reality that have happened based on my experience and observation and to answer the question that has been raised above. Some university students had argued that to solve the economy problem, only economy students has the authority. Then, the argument will be countered by another arguments. I had also watched a man stated that the accountant always be a problem to the economist.

So is it worthy to have this kind of fight? Do we need to involve to this kind of discussion? My answer is absolutely not because it is really wasting our time. My opinion is simple, everyone has their own role to contribute something to our economy and I believe there is no one single person in this world can know everything in this world. Therefore, we should not join this kind of battle and just focus on our knowledge development. Respect each other. Thank you for reading.

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